Daan Schenkel

About Me

Hi! Im Daan Schenkel, i like to code, but i also like to sing and do athletics. I live in The Netherlands. I also grew up and go to school there. My high school is the Harens Lyceum. I quickly discovered my obsession to everything tech related, i found out when i was about 5-6. I (also at that age) made my first website. I made it in Wix. I have learned a lot in programming over the years. I also started acting recently and am enjoying it.


I enjoy programming, mainly in Node.js, PHP, and HTML/CSS/JS.
I have a lot of experience, for example:

Jong Talentissimo
 Full stack - a blog website.

Full stack - helping less educated people find jobs.

Developer - a Minecraft server.


I enjoy acting. I have (thus far) been featured in the following projects:

A Dutch curriculum to help children learn more about bullying and how to stop it.