NOTE: This is kind of a resume, but not really. You can find my resume here


Talentissimo - Building a blogging website

I made a custom-coded PHP blogging website for people with giftedness.

Starling Days - Designing and creating a band website

I designed and created a band website for the band "Starling Days". I update the site and manage the hosting. Check it out here - Frontend development

I made a frontend for a website where people can upload images and share them easily. Check it out here

My own projects

PraktijkBijBaan - Building a full-stack wbesite for education

I developed a full-stack website where people with less knowledge cam find jobs that appeal to them and bring them in contact with people that can give them a job.

Wearning - Owner & Developer

I developed a website/app that would get the current weather and temperature and would tell you what to wear based on that.


SeasonMC - Developer & Manager

I was a developer and manager for a Minecraft server called SeasonMC. I managed the server and made plugins for it. I also made some business decisions.

SnowCloud - Developer

I was a developer for a Minecraft server called SnowCloud. I made a web portal where users could notify of their absense, see the staff list, give strikes, appeal, promote/demote and more.

Minecraft Quest - Full-stack developer

I am developing a website that shows users a bingocard, and lets them complete it in Minecraft. They are linked using Java and web APIs. This would automate (almost) the entire process of a Minecraft Quest. Check it out here

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